ColloCaid at IEEE Vis ’17

Some ColloCaid researchers will be presenting at IEEE Visualisation Conference. These are publications (and happenings) that are associated with conference (IEEE VIS) in early October. The conference is the largest and most important conference on visualisation.

Full paper:
  • J. C. Roberts, P. D. Ritsos, J. Jackson, and C. Headleand, “The explanatory visualization framework: An active learning framework for teaching creative computing using explanatory visualizations,” IEEE InfoVis 2017, to appear in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Jan. 2018.


  • J. C. Roberts, C. Headleand, and P. D. Ritsos, “Sketching Designs for Data-Visualization using the Five Design-Sheet Methodology”

Workshop papers:

  • P.D. Ritsos, J.W. Mearman, J.R. Jackson, and J.C. Roberts, “Synthetic Visualizations in Web-based Mixed Reality,” in Immersive Analytics: Exploring Future Visualization and Interaction Technologies for Data Analytics Workshop
  • J. Pereda, P. Murrieta-Flores, P.D. Ritsos and J.C. Roberts, “Tangible User Interfaces as a Pathway for Information Visualisation for Low Digital Literacy in the Digital Humanities,” in Visualization for the Digital Humanities Workshop
  • J.C. Roberts, P.D. Ritsos and C. Headleand, “Experience and Guidance for the use of Sketching and low-fidelity Visualisation-design in teaching”, in Pedagogy of Data Visualization Workshop

Posters (ie.,Short papers):

  • P. D. Ritsos, J. Jackson, and J. C. Roberts, “Web-based Immersive Analytics in Handheld Augmented Reality,” in Posters presented at the IEEE Conference on Visualization (VIS)
  • J. C. Roberts, A. Frankenberg-Garcia, R. Lew, G. Rees, and J. Pereda, “Visualisation and graphical techniques to help writers write more idiomatically,” in Posters presented at the IEEE Conference on Visualization (VIS)
  •  J. Jackson and J. C. Roberts, “VisSurvey.js – A Web Based Javascript Application for Visualisation Evaluation User Studies,” in Posters presented at the IEEE Conference on Visualization (VIS)

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