ColloCaid at the 28th PASE Conference

On 28 June 2019, Robert Lew gave a presentation about the ColloCaid tool at the 28th PASE Conference, Poznań, Poland. He talked about the need for ColloCaid, problems inherent in existing resources, and the construction of the lexicographic database which underlies the tool. He also reported on recent usability studies involving the tool. Further information Read more about ColloCaid at the 28th PASE Conference[…]

By Jotaguareluaz - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

ColloCaid at Universidade Europeia

Ana Frankenberg-Garcia gave an invited seminar at the Universidade Europeia Doctoral College in Lisbon, on Friday 21 June. She talked about the evolution of dictionaries and the benefits of integrating dictionaries and text editors. Participants were given the opportunity to try out a beta version of the ColloCaid text editor on their own devices.

ColloCaid at EuroVis2019

On Wednesday 5th of June, Jonathan Roberts reported on a study at the 21st edition of the EuroVis conference in Porto, Portugal. The study, presented as the paper “Multiple Views: different meanings and collocated words“, examined the terminology and phraseology of using ‘multiple views’, ‘many presentations’ and ‘alternative visual depictions’ in the area of visualisation. This research offers insights into how people use these Read more about ColloCaid at EuroVis2019[…]