ColloCaid helps you improve the vocabulary and fluency of your academic English writing.

It does this by suggesting collocations, i.e., words that go well together, like another word to use with target (e.g. meet, reach, achieve, miss, set…), or whether it is best to say increase of or increase in.

You can start writing directly in the ColloCaid editor, or paste an existing draft into it. You can activate/deactivate collocation suggestions in the tools menu.

Please note ColloCaid 0.6 only offers collocation suggestions. It does not check spelling or correct mistakes.

The texts you write in ColloCaid are private. We do not see or store them. If you want to keep your texts, you must copy what you have written to a separate file. Take care not to close your browser window before you do so, or you will lose your work.

This is a prototype system for testing purposes. The lexical data underlying it is copyright

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